Holy Spirit Parish is a community of faith that acknowledges always that faith is a gift that must be nourished
and celebrated dynamically (enthusiastically) through the Word, through the ministries of teaching, witness and support.



We seek to know our Catholic faith through study and sharing and in a way that will serve the spiritual and social needs of our diverse community on a meaningful and personal level.We seek to share the faith we have received as a gift by a special concern for evangelization and by working together to bring justice and peace to the wider community. In fidelity to our Catholic traditions, we seek to reach out beyond our own community in support of missionary effort and in bringing help to those in need.


The first Mass celebrated at Holy Spirit Parish was in the newly constructed auditorium of Holy Spirit School on May 22, 1960. The school facility was dedicated on November 4, 1960. The new Church was dedicated on October 27, 1965 and Holy Spirit became the third Catholic Parish in Huntsville. By 1971,  Holy Spirit had become the largest parish in Northern Alabama.

In November 1989 a tornado damaged every building of the parish complex, leaving nothing usable.  Short-term needs were addressed,  and a Building Committee was formed to address long-term functioning of the parish and a phased plan to rebuild. On Pentecost Sunday, June 1990, our parish feast day was celebrated in the rebuilt church and classes resumed in the school in the fall of 1990.

With an increased demand for Catholic Education, Holy Spirit School doubled its classrooms. A Parish Activity Center was added
to the school building at the same time, which contained a youth activity center with lounge, kitchen, game room; auditorium and meeting rooms.

Holy Spirit and other parishes of Madison County established a Catholic High School in 1996 in a former office building. By 2010 a new school was built and renamed Pope John Paul II Catholic High School. Secondary Catholic Education was born in the Huntsville/Madison area and continues to be an exceptional Catholic High School supported by the Catholic Community. Holy Spirit Church celebrated its Golden Jubilee on Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2012.