Altar Serving

Altar Serving is available to students in grades 4 through college. We begin training new servers over the summer. Watch the bulletin and this website for training opportunites.

Students serve all Sunday Masses and all Holy Spirit School Masses. Servers may also serve the 7:30 am and 12:00 noon Masses that take place during the week. They may also serve the Wednesday evening Mass that takes place at 7pm.

It is important for servers to follow all of the Altar Server Procedures correctly and for them to feel very confident in their serving ability. We ask parents to watch while their child serves and contact me, Tracy Finke, if their child is struggling with any procedures. We are glad to work with the servers until they feel completely confident.

Once our Altar Servers are able to confidently serve as a “Cross Bearer” as well as “Candle Bearer” we would like to “Certify” them. Certified Altar Servers are able to follow every procedure correctly. They are also able to direct the other servers and answer their questions if need be. Certified Altar Servers wear the “Gold Cross”. All other servers wear the wooden crosses.

Altar Server Procedures

New Procedures for Altar Servers

Requirements For Certification