Holy Spirit Council 764
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Council Volunteer Opportunities

This page contains opportunities for each Knight (and often times family members) to get involved. Our Knights of Columbus council can work wonders; in fact, with its many programs, it can help influence and improve our parish and benefit many, if not all, of the members of our parish family.

This transformative ability depends on people generating ideas, taking the initial steps, modifying and molding the idea, and then implementing the program within our parish and community.

Our council is a Catholic, family, fraternal, service organization. This theme permeates the entire Service Program: all Church, community, council, family, culture of life, and youth activities.

Our goal is to provide more meaningful and relevant programs of action, establish direct areas of responsibility, build leadership, and ensure the success of programs within our parish. As our Holy Father, Pope Francis, said in his Apostolic Exhortation: “Each of us owns responsibility for being involved in some way. Let us try a little harder to take the first step and to become involved. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. The Lord gets involved and he involves his own, as he kneels to wash their feet. He tells his disciples: “You will be blessed if you do this” (Jn 13:17) … Evangelizers thus take on the “smell of the sheep” and the sheep are willing to hear their voice.”

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