Using Sacramental Objects and Actions in your Home

A sacramental is any blessed object or action used to help us grow closer to God. Sacramentals can be divided into two categories: Sacramental Actions and Sacramental Objects.

Sacramental Actions:

  • Making the Sign of the Cross
  • Folding your hands in prayer
  • Genuflecting toward the Tabernacle
  • Bowing toward the altar
  • Blessings

Sacramental Objects:

  • Rosaries
  • Statues
  • Holy Water
  • Ashes
  • Palms
  • Crucifixes
  • Candles
  • Holy Cards
  • Medals
  • Scapulars

The Appearance of Your Home:

If someone walked into your home would they know that a Catholic lived there? It is a Catholic practice to hang a blessed crucifix in every bedroom and a few throughout the home. A statue of Mary or other saints can be seen on a table or on the fire place mantel. A Bible that is used is readily available on a coffee or end table. Pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are seen hanging on the wall. A prayer garden with a statue of Mary is in one of the flower beds. A Nativity Scene is set up at Christmas. An advent wreath with candles is displayed during Advent. We might even see a Rosary available for use in the family room. Prayer books are available for use along with books on the saints for the children to read or to be read aloud. The Ten Commandments are displayed on the wall or a table etc…

Using Sacramental Objects and Actions:

            When praying with your family, always make the sign of the cross and fold your hands. Keep a bottle or basin of Holy Water in your home for blessing yourself and your children. Display a crucifix in your home and in each bedroom. Light a candle when you pray. Buy saint medals and cross necklaces for your children as gifts. Make sure each of your children have their own Rosaries. Large wooden Rosaries are even available for purchase for young children. Display and use a Bible in the home. Treat these objects with reverence. There is a difference between treating objects with respect and reverence and worshiping them. Sacramental objects and actions help us to become closer to God. They help us to worship the true God and Our Lord, Jesus Christ. They do not take the place of Him.