Devotion to Our Blessed Mother Mary

It is very important for all of us to have a relationship with the Blessed Mother, Mary. It is very important to help our children to develop a relationship with her. At the moment of our death, Mother Mary prays for those who turned to her in their life. Mary does not answer our prayers herself. Rather she speaks to Jesus on our behalf. Her prayers for us are very powerful.

Wearing a Scapular:

            One way to show your devotion to Mary is by wearing a scapular. The most popular is the Brown Scapular dedication to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. In order to wear a scapular; it is important than you become ‘enrolled’ by a priest. Many First Communion gift boxes contain a scapular for a young child. Scapulars can also be purchased online at “The Catholic Company” website. First read about scapulars, and in particular the Brown Scapular, before wearing one so that you can learn about them.

May Crowning:

It is a really good idea to create a prayer garden in one of the flower beds at your home. You can place a statue of Mary in the garden and a little bench to sit and pray. Children love to help plant flowers around the statue and help keep it beautiful.  Or if a garden is not possible, place a statue of Mary on a table or pedestal that you have inside your home.

During the Month of May, your children can make a crown out of silk flowers or even real flowers to place on the head of the statue of Mary. You can even have a ceremony of this crowing at your house. Creating memories like this will last long into your children’s adult life.

Novena: A Novena is a Rosary that is prayed for nine straight days; nine straight weeks; or nine straight months for a specific intention. Many people pray a Novena when someone is very ill or when a call for desperate measures is in order.

            If your family is in the habit of praying the Rosary daily, why not pray a Novena for someone who needs prayers desperately. It is a great to teach your children this act of mercy and kindness for others. They will learn that God is capable of taking care of all of our needs, but sometimes there is a call for persistence in prayer.

            Why the number nine? There were nine days between the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven and coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Jesus told His disciples to pray and wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit. They prayed and waited for nine days.