Make Jesus the Center of Your Life

We all know a lot about Jesus, but the question is: Do we know Jesus? Do we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the person? It is not enough just to know the facts of our faith; the point of it all is to help us to have a deep and close relationship with Him. The truth is that a deep and close relationship is not possible, unless Jesus is the center of your life. He does not want some of your attention. He wants all of your attention. If Jesus is not the center of your life, how will He become the center of your children’s lives? Example is always the best teacher.

What is it that drives your life today? Is it getting ahead financially; being highly successful in your job; living in the right neighborhood or driving the right car? What do we make most important in our lives and in the lives of our children? What is it that comes first? Is it their education so that they can get into the right college and get the right career to make lots of money? Is it the sports they play or other extracurricular activities?

How many sports do your children play? How many practices per week do you attend? If you are like most families, you are running from one activity to another without much time in between. With all this time dedicated to activities, how much time is left to devote to the Lord?  Have you ever prayed the Rosary as a family? Do you sit down and pray to Jesus together at bedtime? What the family spends the most time on sends a clear message to your children about what is most important. What we put our money and our time into shows what is most important in our lives.

I am suggesting to you that the message you send to your children should be one in which your faith is what is most important. Other things can certainly be important, but your love and devotion to God should be most important. Take a good look at what it is that ties up most of your time and money. Jesus should be the center of your life and the center of your family life. He should absolutely be what is most important. When He is, your whole life will change and your family life will change. You will begin to feel that deep and close relationship with Him and when you do, you will not want to trade it for anything in the world. The person of Jesus can be experienced here and now in our life here on earth.

Each of us is needed in building up the Kingdom of God. Jesus wants great things to happen through each of us. When you place Him at the center of your life, you begin to open up to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Blessed Pope John Paul II called this, “Being docile to the Holy Spirit;” allowing the Holy Spirit to prompt us and lead us in the direction that Jesus wants each of us to go. Yes, it is true that God has great things in mind for you if only you will allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. Let go and give control of your life to the Lord. Your life is in better hands when He is the one leading it.

Recommended Reading: “When the Spirit Comes to Power Rediscovering the Charismatic Dimension of the Christian Life” by Peter Herbeck.