Practicing Your Catholic Faith as a Family

“Each of us is on this earth for two very important purposes. First, we are here to get to Heaven. Second, we are here to lead as many people as we can to Heaven. Nothing else we do is as important as this. Everything that we do each day becomes the means through which we can reach holiness and get to Heaven. Everything situation becomes an opportunity to serve God and others.

The most important gift that we can give to our children is the gift of our Catholic Faith. A devout Catholic Faith will guarantee your children entrance into Heaven. But we can’t simply send our children to a religion class, and hope that by doing this, we have done enough. It is the job of the family to teach the children how to live the faith that they are learning in class, on a daily basis. This book will help you to take advantage of family practices that will help your family live the Catholic Faith at home. It will help you move from a learned faith, to a lived faith.

When we brought our children to the Church to be baptized, we vowed to bring them up in the Catholic Faith. This vow was a promise to God. The problem today is that many parents did not grow up “living” their Catholic Faith in the home and therefore are unable to teach their children how to live the Catholic Faith. We cannot teach what we do not know ourselves. But we are only Catholic when we actually live the Catholic Faith and practice Catholicism in our homes.

Simply sending our children to religion class on Sunday or to a Catholic School is not enough. The religion class and Catholic School teach the children the facts of our faith, but it falls short of teaching them how to practice this faith at home and in the world. That is the job of the family. Our Catholic Faith sets us apart and instills in us a deep relationship with Jesus. Please use this book to help you develop Catholic family practices.

May God bless you in your efforts and encourage you along the way.”

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Practicing Your Catholic Faith as a Family,

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