The Gospel of John with Dr. Ken Muenstermann: Thursday Nights in June

                Dr. Ken Muenstermann has been teaching the Book of Genesis since September. Dr. Ken has an amazing ability to bring the pages of Scripture to life. He not only teaches Scripture, but teaches the Catholic Faith and Catholic Morality straight from the pages of the Bible. All of us who took the class on the Book of Genesis have learned so much and greatly anticipate Dr. Ken teaching this new class on the Gospel of John.

                Dr. Ken will expound on 5 themes in the Gospel of John: Jesus, Mary, Eucharist, Peter, and Salvation. The class will take place on each of the Thursday nights in June from 6:30 to about 8:00 pm. Come join us for this class and you will be greatly blessed by it!  Call or email Tracy Finke, our Director of Religious Education, to sign up: (256-881-0345).