“There and Back Again” A Protestant Pastor’s Journey into the Catholic Church , August 16

As Catholics we are always inspired by Protestants who make the journey into the Catholic Church. These individuals bring with them a vibrancy that is contagious and revitalizing to those of us who are “cradle Catholics.” We never tire of their stories and want to learn what led them into the Catholic Church.

Here in our own parish of Holy Spirit many people have gone through the RCIA Program and become Catholic. We celebrate them as a parish for they bring new life to our community. This past year, one of our Candidates to join the Church was Dr. Ken Muenstermann and his family.

Dr. Ken’s story is somewhat unique. Up until March 2015, Ken was the Pastor of a non-denominational Protestant Church. In order to become Catholic, Ken had to give up his livelihood as a Protestant Pastor and teacher of an entire congregation of people. This took a leap of faith on his part that most of us do not have to face. For most converts to the Catholic Church become Catholic at the Easter Vigil and still go to work on Monday morning. For Ken, however, there was no job awaiting him after his entrance into the Church. Protestant Pastors cannot very well become Catholic and continue to pastor a Protestant church. Ken, therefore, had to rely on God to provide for him.

Come hear this amazing story! Dr. Ken Muenstermann will give his testimony on Sunday, August 16th following the 9:00 am Mass in the Parish Hall. Come learn of Ken’s great desire to follow in the footsteps of Saint Francis de Sales in leading many non-Catholics into the true Church, the Catholic Church.

This fall Dr. Ken Muenstermann will teach an in-depth passionately Catholic Bible Study here at Holy Spirit that will set our hearts on fire. Come hear this talk and learn more about the Bible study. You will not want to miss this inspiring talk! Doughnuts and coffee provided. Abundant seating available.